Here is a quick summary of this third edition of the FAI Eurotour in Caussols.
We managed to do a total of 17 rounds with 22 pilots of 5 different nations.

On day one, competition started at 12 as we waited for the wind to steadily establish. We managed to do 8 round in constant conditions, wind of 6-8m/s.
Day two was expected with more wind and risks of wind change. We started again at 12:00 as the wind was established still south (main slope). One first round was done on good conditions. The second round was done in moving wind towards the west. Wind was still within the 45deg rule. Only one refly towards the end of the round was given. A short break (8min) was done to let wind get back to the same as other pilots. We ended the round and decided to start no more rounds. A car went to the west slope (700m away) with stephan holbfer (to have an international representative). We clearly saw the wind was great (12m/s straight). Decision was given to get there for the end of the day. Another 3 rounds were run in actually changing air, cross wind from the south (no luck!!) made some runs much harder than others. Yves Tirand got a really nice thermal and scored 35.77sec, best run of the weekend.
Day three was expected to be west wind, with rain coming by the middle of the afternoon. Meeting was given at 10AM at the parking so we can check/confirm wind orientation and slope. After 2 rain drops, we realized a window was opened for some more rounds as clouds were moving out. Decision was quickly made to move to the slope and start rounds. Competition started at 11 and we managed to do another 4 rounds, finishing at 14h40, two minutes later rain poured.

Prize distribution and apperitif was given at the Observatory Guardian Tower, many thanks to the sponsors (HobbyKing, IGSI, HD Telecom, French Federation, PH06, Pascal Services) and even more to the 5 judges/DC always present and ready for this competition (Paul Eytan, Eric, Pascal, Gilles and Jean Marie).

See you next year!


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