Competition is already over!
For this first edition of the MACCannes F3F Eurotour, we have managed to accomplish 11 rounds with 32 pilots, 7 nations.
Weather was very nice before and after the weekend's meeting, but still was fair for the race to happen and please all the pilots, local or from far away.
On Saturday, with a contstant slightly east wind, slowly growing from 4m/s to 7m/s later in the day, 5 rounds have been flown under a bright hot sunny day. Light conditions then, so no big ballasts in the planes but very technical flying. Missing one base was signing you 2/3 ranks down the list.... Some judging errors caused reflies (missing the start of the run), quickly corrected by the Course Director's briefing to his judges. Bases where pointing "left" (actually facing the wind), so some pilots where surprised by the judging that seemed to beep at variable location, but it was just the way the bases were pointing....

Saturday night banquet at the Coyote Club Cafe, in Vallauris, was a very friendly evening with 50 people together enjoying the local cuisine.

On Sunday, wind was similar, but clouds came to the meeting interminently. Thermals were there as well and made in particular one round very variable with scores of 45 up to 82sec. Pure hot/cold air issue, so all systems (direction and speed) were ok. Hard time for Remi Girard... Fog made us stop at the middle of one round and for 40 minutes, so it was canceled. By the end of that second day, 6 rounds were completed, with last flights in the clouds, in particular the last 3 pilots (Pierre Rondel, Jose Carrion and myself), having to dive through the fog to get the best in the light 4m/s cold weather.
A barbecue was organised down the slope at the dormitory, for a relaxed evening filled with Pastis and other Lemoncello....

Monday was the worst weather, with clouds from the beginning 'til the end of the day. No rounds were flown and competition was declared finished at 14.30. A group of 7 national and international pilots went by 4x4 to view and test a remote slope (2.3km distance). This North/South slope (our backup North slope) seems indeed very promising for a future event in case of south wind, thanks to its 300m extra cliff (500m total) and the possibility to put bases facing the wind as the slope slowly curves. Organisation team will test again the slope (fog was present that day so no flight possible) and look for authorisations for any future event. Competitors went all down back to the camp for final results, cider and prize distribution.
Prizes were distributed randomly to all participants (pilots and judges), and podium pilots where given "Cannes' Stabilizers" (reference to the Palm's...). Mr Holbfer ranked first and won the Golden Cannes Stab, second came Mr Gaubatz and third place was given to Mr Mervelet. Team podium is as follow:
1st: Team CCM (Girard, Tourniaire, Lanes)
2nd: Team Martinet (Mervelet, Krebs, Cohen)
3rd: Team Austria1 (Holbfer, Gaubatz, Wiklicky)

Many thanks to all pilots, sponsors and club members for their help and participation to make this event the first of a series.
See you all next year!